About the easy town story

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Some stories …

Some stories explore what is. This story explores what could be.

Some stories dwell on the past. This story creates ideas for a future.

Some stories hold the mirror to how life is (for some), and others create new worlds. This story moves between those two.

Some stories create new worlds. This story creates new towns on this planet.

Some stories present answers. This story asks questions.

Some stories want to make a point. This story attempts to connect the dots.

Some stories destroy. This story builds.

Some stories revel in what they call the evil human. This story explores what humans can create if they don’t hide behind outdated narratives.

Some stories make fun of others. This story emboldens with a cheeky smile.

Some stories solve crimes and mysteries. This story explores what went wrong for humanity, and what can be rethought.

Some stories are about wars. This story asks why do wars exist?

Some stories celebrate human shortcomings. This story digs deep to understand what it takes to allow a human to flourish instead of turning into a fearful, greedy creature.

Most stories wish to reveal something that is new or dear to the reader. This story is no different.