launch week – easy town websites

day 3

Thursday, 27 October 2022

Focus: rethinking towns and cities

09:05 – Berlin time

Good Morning

Today’s focus: Rethinking towns and cities

Today’s motto: I love Berlin, the city. But there is a need to put in a good word for towns — probably a bit more than a word.

It all began with the idea for a single town, Easy Town, for my friend Easy who had lost his ability to speak, eat and walk due to a ruptured aneurysm (see The origins of the easy town idea).

As the easy town story unfolded, and the team built a network around the world (see The locations of the easy town story), it seemed only fitting to give the new international teams their own towns, towns with a focus of their own.

So, while writing the story many more town ideas came up, ideas for thriving and inspiring towns. Some of those are presented on a new website by now, and a publication of the first 42 town ideas is in the making (see towns and cities in the easy town story).

09:19 – Berlin time

towns and cities

This morning a lot is happening on the towns and cities international website.

This includes

11:37 – Berlin time

rethinking facades

Berlin Schöneberg, rethinking facades, by Charlie Alice Raya
Berlin Friedrichshain, rethinking facades, by Charlie Alice Raya

I just prepared some photos for the rethinking posts on the towns and cities website.

First up is the post on rethinking facades. Fair warning: once you start, you will find that there is a lot of potential in rethinking facades and that in many of different respects.

13:36 – Rethinking facades is now online

13:54 – Berlin time

Time for a break

16:16 – Berlin time

Natural structures

natural structures, leaf, facades

Writing about facades and structures today, I smiled when I found this leaf on my walk in the park. It seems nature only ever hints at symmetry but never actually goes there. Plus, the surface of the leaf isn’t smooth, it’s full of structures, obvious ones down to small pattern you only see when you hold the leaf against the sun. It’s so different from how we build.

See also Rethinking facades

18:16 – Berlin time

Heatwave special

In July 2022, I did a little experiment to find out how to keep my flat cool during the heatwaves. The experiment and the results are now online on the towns and cities website.

18:23 – Berlin time

Easy Town

Over the next weeks, 77 town ideas will get their own page on the easy town projects website: towns and cities international.

Easy Town makes the start and is now online.

Also online are and Hub Gate which each have a connection to business ideas which have been developed for the easy town story and as a contribution to rethinking business practices.

18:54 – Berlin time

Have a nice evening

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