Recharging before the websites launch

12 October 2022

I could do a little dance again, laughing, singing, punching the air, happy and a little disbelieving that the launch week is finally in view.

There are still a few tasks to be taken care of, but after that I will take some time to recharge — not least because the launch week will be quite a marathon.

On the first day of the launch week, all new websites will be launched, and I will begin to redesign this website (the original easy town books website), which will become the hub for all easy town ideas, projects and stories.

And while working on this website, and opening more content on the new websites, I will write a live commentary.

Brace yourself for some revelations and insights you probably never expected.

Each day of the launch week has its own focus. Day 2, for example, focuses on the easy town story and the people who had an impact on the story. There are two people in particular without whom the easy town story might never have come into existence, apart from Easy.

Well, that’s all from me for now, and most likely you won’t hear from me again before the first day of the launch week, in the last week of October.

So long, take care,

Charlie Alice Raya