The easy town projects are spreading out

Welcome to the launch week

Berlin, 25 October 2022

Hello everyone from around the world,

this easy town website got a bit crowded over the last year, so I decided to give some of the individual ideas more room and a website of their own.

Today all new websites have been launched, each with updated and new content as well as new images and downloads.

While you can take a look around all the websites, I will do some serious unloading and updating of this website. So don’t be surprised when something suddenly disappears, it’s bound to be on one of the new websites or to turn up again later.

In a bit I will start the live-blog with updates on what I am doing and a lot of background information.

Have fun.

Take care. Stay safe.

So long, Charlie Alice Raya

The newbies

icon for the easy town ideas website
easy town ideas

All easy town projects, ideas and stories are introduced here.

favicon for easy town books
easy town books

All ideas took and take their first steps in the easy town story which is presented on this website.

towns and cities international, website icon
towns & cities

A website full of ideas for thriving and inspiring towns.

The Hub, icon
The Hub

An idea to de-giant the internet, to empower creators and communities, and a lot more.


A business model for the clothing industry which empowers creatives, small businesses and communities.

book stations

Ideas for the future of books including bespoke books, book stations and pepper books publishing.

we need to talk about sex, favicon
we need to talk about sex

Introducing the easy town stories sex talk.

favicon for charlie alice raya photography
Charlie Alice Raya photography

Fine Art Prints in support of the easy town projects.
favicon, ripples foudation
ripples foundation

The future foundation to finance them all.