Views from around the universe, part 3

leader, a

Views from around the universe

A leader creates, builds, nurtures and guards.

A leader presides over the discussions for what should guide people in their actions with one another. A leader might offer some guidance when necessary. It will usually be in the form of a question.

A leader will only rule when it is necessary. This is the case when new scientific results necessitate change in the agreements that guide all actions in society.

In the case of a hostile attack, the leader will join other leaders around the universe, and together they will protect their people.


Views from around the universe

leadership = Never heard of it.

leadership = a boat with leaders on board?

leadership = While other planets make fun of this term which does have certain comical value and more once you get into it — but while others laugh, we do actually appreciate that leadership can be crucial in certain situations. The trouble is that those in a position of leadership often seem unable to deal with the tasks pragmatically and temporarily. Often people who have been entrusted with leadership have great difficulty with giving it up again and rarely avoid becoming hypocrites.

military, a

Views from around the universe

A military = is the basis for war.


Views from around the universe

opportunity = a way of providing goods


Views from around the universe

order = a strange behaviour observed in humans. It usually starts with a human inventing a set of rules and/or values and declaring that order is only achievable if these rules/values are observed.

order = humans seem to have a particular need for order which some scientists say is due to an internalised inferiority complex which is overcome by enforcing simplified rules which are deemed to restore something these peculiar humans call order.


Views from around the universe

politics = What is politics? That is a damn good question. We decided not to bother with it.

powerful, being

Views from around the universe

being powerful = Not to be mistaken with powerful being, these are two distinctly different beings but comparing them provides some insights.

being powerful = What’s so good about being powerful? Has anyone ever thought this through probably?

power, nuclear

Views from around the universe

nuclear power = to put nuclear and power into a phrase shows the ignorance and short-sightedness of those who don’t understand that nuclear weapons don’t give them power, they just give them the choice to destroy the planet with a big bang. Destruction is not power.

power, what is

Views from around the universe

What is power? = This is a question we start discussing with our young from an early age on, because it is so easy to get this wrong.

What is power? = Power is highly overrated and usually gravely misunderstood.

rebuilding a country after a war

Views from around the universe

rebuilding a country after a war = even though we like to think of ourselves as wiser than our ancestors, all planets in the universe have seen some war in the course of time. For most of us these events are long in the past and hardly anyone is now alive who has been in a war. But our ancestors left us detailed reports and instructions for how to deal with the aftermaths of wars, and how to rebuild a country after a war. — A link for more might be upcoming.

religions & wars

Views from around the universe

religions & wars = unfortunately there are many overlaps between these two on planet Earth.

religions & wars = Religion can serve as legitimisation of wars.


Views from around the universe

rules = work in progress


Views from around the universe

security = people are prepared to give up their homes, their social circle, their language for security. When we finally understood this, we put a lot of effort and resources into removing elements which create insecurity: such as despotic leaders, corruptions or fanaticism. We were at first criticised for our relentlessness – for our constant question: do you provide security, freedom and prospects for the region you have taken the responsibility for? And if a leader could not convince us, we removed them. Today people are glad that we didn’t search for compromises with those who cause harm and restrictions, but back then we had to face down many critics.


Views from around the universe

soldiers = humans in need of a job

soldiers = humans who follow the ideal of serving a country by devastating another country, themselves and their family

soldiers = people who hope that their commander in chief hasn’t lost his mind and that their fight will be good for something however unlikely it seems

soldiers = people forced to defend their country because someone in another country lost their mind

soldiers = brave? yes. but having an army is also the admittance of failure, the failure to …

soldiers = there are many on planet Earth who owe their lives to the sacrifices made by soldiers. But it pains us to see that earthling still don’t realise that they need each other, and that war always makes things worse for all.

soldiers = We watched many wars on planet earth. Such a waste in every respect. Soldiers we found often start out as humans, humans in need of a job, humans who wish to support their family, humans who are looking for a safe career, a chance to become a doctor, a pilot, a captain, humans who want to protect what someone told them is their country. Some retain a human core, but of those who see war none come back unscathed. Some return to a war so that others be spared the horrors.

soldiers = We wonder how many people would be prepared to become soldiers if they understood that there is no coming back from a war. A soldier will always return crippled, mentally, physically or both — so long as there is humanity left in that soul.

soldiers = It is time that humans found ways to deal with each without soldiers and without destroying land and people. Soldiers are human beings and deserve a wholesome life like everyone else. On our planet we have rejected warfare long ago. Instead we use single combats when words are temporarily of no avail.