Views from around the universe, part 4


Views from around the universe

sports = we were really surprised to see the amount of sports practised on planet Earth.

sports = If there is a need for competition, sport competitions should replace all wars.

strongman, a

Views from around the universe

strongman = weakling who needs weapons to make his point

strongman = he who represses free thought, free expression of thought, free flow of information

strongman = person plus group of minions who lack imagination, which inevitably leads to destruction because neither a strongman nor their minions have the imagination to create anything living, breathing, healthy, progressive or enjoyable. In fact they are too frightened to lose power to do anything useful.

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Views from around the universe

superiority = delusion

superiority = a mindset which can be discovered in humans who were either brought up to believe they are better than others, or who have suffered setbacks in their lives which they try to play down by blaming others and developing a persona who is per se better.

superiority = a conviction which happens to humans who haven’t grown up. Like some small human children, such people constantly need to be the centre of attention. If this isn’t given, the child and the immature human build thought pattern of superiority to belittle other humans and defend the amount of attention they demand.


Views from around the universe

tolerance = tricky, tolerance should never be an enabler or normaliser

toughening up

Views from around the universe

toughening up = a fun game which includes diving into ice cold water

toughening up = around the universe its a fun game. Humans on the other hand tend to use strengthening exercises to harden themselves in a way that closes all other layers of their being.

truth, a

Views from around the universe

A truth = a decision to think or act in a certain way, thereby making it a personal truth or framework for personal decisions

truth, the

Views from around the universe

the truth = does not exist

the truth = is the start of arguments and at worst the seed for wars


Views from around the universe

victory = defeat, loss, long-term trauma

victory = Only a few decades ago, we finally saw victory for what it is. It’s a delusion. There are no winners in a war. But the most dangerous aspect of victory is the blindness that tends to come with it. Victors are always in danger not to reflect their mistakes, not to ask what it takes to prevent future wars. But worse, victors tend to derive a moral high ground from their victory thereby sowing the seeds for new conflicts. It is one of the most difficult tasks for any planet to experience victory and not be swept away by the power of having succeeded, but to force themselves to be reflective and to unearth what lies at the roots of a conflict, and patiently, humbly address each and every critical point.

War, every

Views from around the universe

war = utter stupidity

war = a failure of any and all societies. No thinking person would stir up war. No healthy society would go along with it.

war = a decision born out of madness and delusion justified by destructive ideals usually stoked by insufferable superiority complexes on the other side even when it is easily matched by the superiority complex of the attacker.

war = is always failure and weakness.

war = There is no excuse for a war.

war = the fantasy of bringing order to a chaotic world.

war = the fruit of fanaticism.

war = useless waste of human lives, minds, potentials, crippling humans and families with the trauma of war.

war = We keep wondering how humans find the time to go to war. They are still struggling with a global pandemic, their ecosystems, and with that the basis of human survival, are collapsing worldwide, and yet some people seem to think that this is a good time to go to war?

war = is an illusion which proclaims that only the attacked will suffer.

War, after a

Views from around the universe

after a war = trauma

after a war = exhaustion

War & sex

Views from around the universe

war & sex = there is a connection but it’s not easy to pinpoint

war & sex = no power game ends in a satisfying way

weapons industry

Views from around the universe

weapons industry = guilty of mass destruction, and the enabler of armed conflicts

weapons industry = sick people?


Views from around the universe

Why? = an essential question

Why? = Why? is a question which comes naturally to children. Adults have a tendency to forget the importance of asking why.

Why? = We have made it a custom in our society to ask ourselves why we do the things we do. It helps us to set our priorities and to reflect on the effects our actions have on others and on our habitat.

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world domination, the small print

Views from around the universe

world domination, the small print = mostly overlooked

world domination, the small print = world dominance can only be achieved if it is preluded by destruction. And where is the win in having to deal with the aftermath?