Views from around the universe, part 2

evil (see also good)

Views from around the universe

evil = an inventions, see The Invention of Evil

fake news

Views from around the universe

fake news = why are humans so bored?

fake news = humans weird obsession with scandals.

fake news = as if the so-called real news aren’t enough.

fake news = as if humans didn’t have enough things to sort out already

fake news = what became of creating something for real?


Views from around the universe

freedom = a way of providing goods

See also the ripples website >

future, a

Views from around the universe

a future = mostly available to people who are aware that their actions and interests have consequences, and who therefore avoid thoughtlessness, polarisation and the destruction of their habitat

future, the

Views from around the universe

the future = now


Views from around the universe

glory = a sham

glory = too many negative side effects

glory = outdated

good (also see evil)

Views from around the universe

good = an imprecise term

good = a term which makes people wish they were bad.

good = there is condescension in this, I am just not sure where.


Views from around the universe

history = a strange word. We keep chronicles.

history = There is a common believe that history repeats itself. That is a myth. The only reason why the same mistakes are repeated is that humans don’t ask enough questions. They don’t go to the roots of what caused an uprising, a war, a pest, racism, femicide. They don’t take the time to understand what leads to the mistake. If humans explored why they do what they do then they would be able to change the course of their actions. But since they prefer to brush over their mistakes as if they never happened, they don’t learn. It’s like humans are simply glad that a catastrophe is over or didn’t reach into their home. Now all they want is to get on with their lives, forget it ever happened. And while they look the other way the roots find new ways to surface.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Asking questions, facing the painful mistakes of the past and present, there is a lot of potential in that. History is not some mystic monster that can’t be slain. Humans could have a lot more control over their lives if they chose to question what happened and to learn.

It is surprising though that people who believe in the myth of history repeating itself, that they don’t do everything to prevent that.

human, the

Views from around the universe

identity, cultural

Views from around the universe

cultural identity = it works for some. For others it’s a mystery and again others say it only causes trouble.


Views from around the universe

interdependence = a change and a challenge

job, a secure

Views from around the universe

A secure job = ambiguous


Views from around the universe

leaders = a rarity

leaders = unfortunately on planet earth there seems to be a lack of leaders. As a consequence you have mostly incompetent people at the heads of states. But worse, often there isn’t any alternative to the person at the head which is one of the main reasons that keeps inadequate people in power.

leaders = learning from planet earth, we have developed a programme to identify potential leaders and to train them extensively to avoid shortages of capable leaders. We found that the best leaders are those who don’t want to lead but who are prepared to take on this duty for a number of years.