Views from around the universe, hmm

food, tailored

Views from around the universe

tailored food = Take a banana, why did any human ever complain about the variety of banana shapes nature provides, and who was the clever person who put their creativity and potential to making all bananas lookalikes?

poor, helping the

Views from around the universe

helping the poor = we found this phenomenon on planet Earth, and it took some of our best thinkers to unravel it. It appears that humans have not yet discovered that exploiting their fellow humans backfires sooner or later. Helping the poor is a demeaning practice which ignores the fact that the reason for income disparities lie in the economic system that is in place. Humans still seem stuck in the old fairy tale that goes along the lines: kick, grab, horde, look away and numb any unpleasantness with alcohol or drugs.

helping the poor = is an excuse for avoiding a substantial rethink on economic practices both nationally and internationally

helping the poor = oh, yah. We’ve been there. And we want to be honest, we really believed that this was the way to go forward. And worse, we believed we were doing good.
It was a group of mature citizens who asked to be funded for five years to explore how poverty comes about (taking different regions, climates, and the so called extent of development (a term we have since reconsidered) into account).
The sad truth was that our lack of care and respect, and in many places the horrors of monoculture and exploitation as well as not addressing specific climate related circumstances had led to the impoverishment of hitherto well functioning communities.
The complete report and the documentation of our measures to end our carelessness and disrespect can be found in all our libraries, and we are happy to send out copies to anyone who would like to study this subject.


Views from around the universe

privilege = on planet earth it’s an excuse for inaction

rich, the

Views from around the universe

the rich = a strange sub-group of the human who have the financial means to build the world but who for some reason prefer sending their money into the universe.

Speaking for the universe: dear humans we are grateful for all the mistakes you make, saving us from making them ourselves, but truly if you don’t get a grip on yourselves we don’t want to have you any closer, and you should deal with your rich yourself – we don’t want them on Mars!

Maybe it would help if you found a way to inspire the rich and help them with their money-hoarding addiction.

survival, human

Views from around the universe

human survival = it’s really simple. Only problem, humans like it complicated and they have heaped loads of ideas into onto the road, the kind of ideas that block the view. But they can do it.

human survival = Can earth make it? Not so sure. Humans seem intent on playing silly buggers. Intent on vilifying each other instead of figuring out how they could all get ready for a big party. Strange humans.

we, the trouble with

Views from around the universe

The trouble with we = We creates a reality which usually has little to do with the actual reality. It also usually reflects the views of a few people rather than the all embracing actual we.

we = does the we actually exist?

we = generalisation