Views from around the universe, part 1


Views from around the universe

Aktionismus = never heard of it

Aktionismus = we call it the confused chicken frenzy. It happens when people, especially politicians, are faced with a sudden crisis and act before thinking.

Aktionismus = a word used by a populous on planet Earth which speak the German language. It is an exaggeration of the word action, as is the act of Aktionismus. In other words Aktionismus is a rush into action with the negative connotation of acting without or with little thinking. Sometimes the person practising Aktionismus answers the ancient and universal call of heroism, unsheathing the sword and setting out to kill the alleged monsters at once.
Mostly Aktionismus is triggered by panic, panic which is then counteracted with a list of actions which usually lack long-term benefits, sometimes there aren’t even short-term benefits.


Views from around the universe

Angst = a warning system, originally, and for the habitants of most planets. On planet Earth, humans use Angst to trick people into commercial activities, into killing each other, and into living by the ideas of a few dominant humans.

Angst = Angst is useful when people have a full understanding of it, otherwise it is the source of irrational behaviour.

Angst = On our planet we overcame most basic Angsts when we realised that Angst is a useful tool for those not gifted with a mind to think and a tongue to express their thoughts and wishes. But since we have both, the use of our minds and tongues plus respect for each other, we have no further use for Angst, mostly.


Views from around the universe

adaptation = can be useful but it also keeps people from searching for alternative methods, ways, systems. Adaptation can be the lazy choice.


Views from around the universe

complicity = a way of providing goods


Views from around the universe

consequences = humans have developed a great talent for ignoring consequences.

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Views from around the universe

defence = education to allow people to understand that there doesn’t have to be an enemy

defence = an alliance of demilitarised nations who keep one army and agree not to trade in weapons.
When attacked the army strikes at once and in full force to end the conflict as quickly as possible.
This works best if the nations of the alliance restrict all their interactions to countries within the alliance thereby offering an additional incentive for other nations to demilitarise.
The idea that more weapons bring more stability is a myth. A planet is only safe if no one has access to weapons beyond a few swords and sticks for one on one fights.

dependence (see also interdependence)

Views from around the universe

dependence = mostly unnecessary and too often exploited

destruction, consequences of

Views from around the universe

consequences of destruction = now


Views from around the universe

divisions = the source that keeps humans entangled in unnecessary fights

dominance, consequences of

Views from around the universe

The consequences of dominance = destruction

dominance, forms of

Views from around the universe

Forms of dominance = superiority complexes


Views from around the universe

economy = the sum of human commercial interaction. A healthy and sustainable economy doesn’t exploit people or nature and keeps a balance between what is needed and what can be provided without damaging the basis of all life: the ecosystem

economy = you can easily identify a good economy if the participants value life more highly than profit. A good economy can easily forego months and even one or two years of not being active at all. Such pauses are particularly useful in times of crises, and when some thorough rethinking of economical structures is necessary. And without wanting to brag, but some three or four planets really should press pause soon before they push themselves over the edge, planet Earth most of all.

enemy, the

Views from around the universe

the enemy = a rarity

the enemy = an idea that serves to scare people into going to war

the enemy = Don’t trust anyone who talks passionately of enemies. People like that usually have a personal agenda in mind, not anyone’s security.